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Yoga Massage Trigger Point Ball Set

Our Lacrosse Ball can help effectively get rid of shoulder pain, neck pain, upper and lower back pain, hip and glute pain and stiffness, leg and knee pain, calf pain, ankle stiffness and Achilles problems, Sciatica, Disc issues, Muscle tension.

  • Colour: As pictures show
  • Size: 65mm
  • Material: Rubber
  • Package Included:  2 x Lacrosse Balls   1 x Nylon Bag


  • Use as a Mobility & Therapy ball to help loosen up tight and sore muscles

  • For Trigger Point Therapy

  • Practice Lacrosse Ball

  • Soft Outer Texture with Firmer Inner Texture

  • Great for Warmup

  • Perfect for Youth Teams

  • Multi-Purpose ball is great when used for Mobility Exercises

  • Heavily used in the Cross-fit and Sport Communities to loosen tight & sore muscles
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